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Guide for choosing the perfect blender for smoothies

Guide for choosing the perfect blender for smoothies

Although every countertop blender might seem more or less the same in their appearance, each of them have significant differences in the facilities they offer, capacities they can hold and power they can deliver. With the multitude of choices available in the market ranging from low value personal blenders to highly priced commercial blenders, anybody could easily get confused with what to pick. Since most of you are here because you are a smoothie enthusiast just like me and are looking for a good smoothie blender, let’s cut to the chase give you some fruitful tips using which you will be able to buy a blender which will make the best smoothies for you!

1.     Sufficient Power

The power or wattage that the motor delivers is one of the most important qualities of a blender. If you want a blender that can prepare any recipe for you without any problems especially those involving ice, frozen fruits and hard vegetables like carrots, you need a strong blender with a motor power of at least 600 watts. Although a higher motor rating suggests a good performance but there are other factors too which play a part in determining the performance such as the construction of the motor, the quality of the blades and the pitcher.

2.     Ice Crushing Capabilities

In my opinion, a blender cannot qualify as a smoothie blender until is offers ice-crushing services. You cannot just use any blender for crushing ice while making your smoothies because you are going to break the blades or burn the motor if that blender wasn’t built for this purpose. If you are looking for this specific quality in a blender, you will need to check the specifications of the blender to decide if it can crush ice or not. Only if it offers this facility can you add ice to your smoothie and relish in the far better taste and texture that the ice grants.

3.     Simple Controls

Some fancy models offer you with a range of different speeds to make your smoothies for which they charge a good amount as well. I would say why pay extra for a bunch of speed settings you won’t even be using. All that you need for a good smoothie and just about any other blender recipe are 2 speed options and a pulse. Pulse is a useful option for chopping the solid ingredients into small pieces first to get the blender going smoothly.

4.     Sufficient Capacity

The capacity you want to purchase is entirely dependent on you and the size of your family. When you go out shopping, you will find all sorts of different sizes of blenders ranging from large family sized ones to single serve blenders. If you want to benefit from both the sizes, you can also select a model with two or 3 sizes of blending pitchers: large ones for making family meals and single serve ones for making personal smoothies to take with you on the way to work.

5.     Stable Base

Since smoothie making is a heavy-duty task especially if you are using hard ingredients like ice and frozen fruits and you surely don’t want the blender vibrating or moving while preparing it, you will need a stable base preferably made out of metal rather than plastic. A stable base also suggests a stronger motor housed inside it. You can read best smoothie blender & reviews 2019 in order to get the perfect smoothie maker.

6.     Simple Cleanup

Although smoothie making is fun and drinking it is even more pleasurable but cleaning the blender of the leftover smoothie is what almost everybody hates. Be careful and choose a blender that is simple to clean because if you are stuck with a blender that offers a complex cleanup, take my word for it, it will only gather dust on your counter except on occasions when you muster enough energy to clean it up after the work is done.

When you take into consideration all the above mentioned points, you can rest assured that whichever blender you select for making your smoothies is going to be great at what it does. It will offer you with a wonderful smoothie making experience along with helping you prepare countless other recipes.